motard info packs /parts - adapt honda cast WHEELS with cush drive
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PLEASE NOte: we no longer supply these laser cut parts!!!

The rise of cheap motard wheel sets and the increasing lack of Honda CBR wheels has led to virtually no orders for these laser cut parts, so unfortunately we no longer supply them.

However, you can right click and save the dxf file here to have your own disc adapter plate laser cut from 4mm mild steel plate if you take this plate to a laser cutting service (sorry, we don't have any to recommend to you). If you need the dxf file for the caliper adapter plate for the Suzuki or Yamaha conversions, right click and save the dxf file here and have this cut from 6mm mild steel plate. If you have trouble opening them, we can't help as we aren't CAD experts.


Easy do-it-yourself custom motard wheels, using Honda cast wheels with a cush drive hub for smoother ride, less wear and wider rev range. Usual total cost for $700-$900 with wheels from the wreckers, as low as $500 complete if buying your wheels on Ebay or privately.

How easy is it?:
- Download the info pack for free (except KLR650).
- Find and buy the specified Honda cast wheels with specified discs and sprocket
- Get the alloy spacers machined as per the info pack
- Download the dxf files and take them to a laser cutter (or make your own).

Like to know more? Just click on the links above for your bike model. If you don't have one of the models listed above, or want to use wheels other than the Honda ones specified, you will need to use our generic info pack.

Cast wheels have their good and bad sides compared to spoked wheels. Read on for more...

the good side of supermoto cast wheels

Cush drive rear hub: Road bikes have cush drives for a smoother ride, less chain snatch and less wear on chain, sprockets, gearbox and rear tyre. Single cylinder bikes benefit most from a cush drive for supermoto riding, especially bikes like the KTM, Husaberg and WR450F where everything is pared back to keep the weight down. Read more about cush drive hubs here.

Stiffer rims for better handling & less maintenance: Motostrano and other motard outfits report the stiffness of cast wheels improves handling in tight corners, braking and sudden direction changes (we think probably only in hard core riding). There's also no spoke maintenance, tubeless tyres make puncture repairs or tyre changes a cinch, they are easier to clean and you can change colours with just a respray.

Floating front disc: In most cases you will be able to use a full floating supermoto front disc if wanted, for better heat dispersion characteristics.


down side of cast wheels on a supermoto caST WHEELS?

Aren't cast wheels a lot heavier? The common complaint is extra weight with cast wheels, but with CBR250 wheels (CBR250R & CBR250RR specifically) this is not true. We've weighed the CBR wheels, fully kitted out with tyres, discs and sprocket, against typical quality motard spoked wheels using Talon hubs and Morad rims. The results?:

Front spoked wheel: 11.1 kg 3-spoked cast wheel: 10 kg 6-spoked cast wheel: 10.5 kg
Rear spoked wheel: 13.1 kg 3-spoked cast wheel: 13.8 kg 6-spoked cast wheel: 13.9 kg

So there's very little in it, and if the spoked wheels had a cush drive hub they would all weigh about the same.

Don't jump your bike with cast wheels: If you are going to jump your motard KTM, Husaberg or WR450 in competition then stay with spoked wheels - they have more 'give' in them due to the spokes, and general consensus is that they are stronger and can take the stress of jumps much better. Some motard riders on supermoto forums say they jump their bikes on motard cast wheels with no problems, but we advise you play it safe and get quality spoked wheels.

If you are looking at a set of adapted cast motard wheels on Ebay or a motard forum, we suggest you click here to read about all the questions you should ask before buying. Some are well adapted kits, but there are plenty of potentially dangerous kits too.