Current complete motard wheel sets for sale

sorry, no more complete kits being sold

We are no longer doing complete cast wheel kits

PLEASE NOte: we no longer supply the laser cut parts!!!

The rise of cheap motard wheel sets and the increasing lack of Honda CBR wheels has led to virtually no orders for these laser cut parts, so unfortunately we no longer supply them.

However, you can use the dxf file here to have your own disc adapter plate laser cut from 4mm mild steel plate if you take this plate to a laser cutting service. If you need the dxf file for the caliper adapter plate for the Suzuki or Yamaha conversions, download the dxf file here. Some are reporting difficulties opening the files - if you can't get them open we can't help you as we aren't CAD experts by a long shot.

If you want to have a try and manufacturing your own adapter plates, you may need to work out a way to convert the dxf files into a more usable format for your purposes (dxf files are created for Autocad-style programs).