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PLEASE NOte: we no longer supply the laser cut parts!!!

The rise of cheap motard wheel sets and the increasing lack of Honda CBR wheels has led to virtually no orders for these laser cut parts, so unfortunately we no longer supply them.

However, you can use the dxf file here to have your own disc adapter plate laser cut from 4mm mild steel plate if you take this plate to a laser cutting service. If you need the dxf file for the caliper adapter plate for the Suzuki or Yamaha conversions, download the dxf file here and have this cut from 6mm mild steel plate. If you want to have a try and manufacturing your own adapter plates, you may need to work out a way to convert the dxf files into a more usable format for your purposes (dxf files are created for Autocad-style programs). We can't help you if you have trouble opening the files. We don't have any specific laser cutters to recommend to you.


Before emailing, please note:uki GS500 whe

We DON'T supply any parts of any description any more. And we don't have any recommendations for laser cutters to try. Just email the supplied templates to a laser cutter for quotes. Tip: a smaller operator is more likely to do a better price on one-off jobs like this.

If your bike isn't listed on this website, it never will be. You can use the generic info pack here to help you fit cast wheels to any dirt bike.

The info packs only apply to the Honda cast wheels specified. There's no point asking us to help you adapt Suzuki GS500 wheels or anything else! If you've got something different then you can use the generic info pack here or try this.

Please read the information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) thoroughly before emailing!!! 90% of the questions we get are already answered on this site or in the info packs. Or about things like engine mods which you should just be googling. We put a lot of time into this for no profit so please read everything before emailing.




feedback on our complete motard wheels, parts kits & info packs

"I just wanted to say thank you for the well written and comprehensive package that you have kindly allowed the world to have access to. Thanks also for the disk and calliper adapters. They fitted perfectly (I expected no less)... I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this project, had it not been for your kit." - Mark A., Queensland, Australia (DRZ400 info pack)

"I purchased the DR650 kit early this year. Finally had the time to finish the bike and it is awesome. Parts supplied were excellent as well as the instruction book". - Elton V., north QLD

"I love this bike now... Thanks for taking the time to provide this info for people to do this motard conversion to their bike" - K. Bigler, USA (WR450F info pack)

"Total cost about $550 including new tyres (Pirrelli sport demons). Thanks for all your help. I have been swapping to & from to the Motard set up now for over a year now & it’s still fantastic! Just so much better to rip up the streets on ;) "
- David W., Australia (DRZ400 info pack)

"Thanks very much for putting together such useful information. Everything went smoothly. Spacer dimensions were spot on and parts info was useful....Just wanted to say thanks very much." - Joel C. ( WR450F info pack)

"Finally completed the ‘Berg build. Turned out pretty awesome - the big thumpers are a ball on tarmac" - Damien W., QLD (KTM info pack used on Husaberg 2008 FE650)

"Thanks guys, I found the info pack very helpful and well detailed. This  made the job much easier and saved on costs. You have certainly done your homework. The information, pictures, and drawings offer pretty idiot-proof details and ensure a safe and effective modification. The end result is a bike that is fun to ride and certainly has improved the handling and cornering abilities out of sight. I can now happily go riding with my mates and can easily keep up with, and at times even beat, them through the windies. Most of my mates have bigger bikes and they are blown away by the cornering performance of my bike now.  Plenty of approving comments from other bikers too. It's been a pleasure dealing with you." - Martyn J,  Auckland, New Zealand (DR650SE info pack)

"i received the kit and have been riding it ever since, i'm extremely happy with it and wanted to thank you for all your help." - Robert M., Geelong, Vic., Australia (complete DRZ400 kit)

"Handling is much more solid than stock. Your instructions and spacers made this project easy, thanks." - Kim K, California, USA (Kawasaki KLR650 parts kit)

"Great ebayer, fast, good comms, highly recommend!! AAAAA++++"
- twisle_333, Ebay sale (complete KTM spoked wheel kit)

"Set up has been awesome from day one. It takes about 15 minutes to convert the bike back to trail wheels. One thing I did find with having the motard wheels was I was able to learn the bikes handling and power curve a lot faster... Really happy with the kit and money well spent." - Adam S., Brisbane, DRZ400 complete cast wheel kit

"All fitted up and looks and handles great!" - Cameron B., South Australia (DRZ parts kit)

"Helpful. Awesome wheels. Thanks guys. You need these wheels!"
- Wayne H., Thornlands, Qld, Australia (complete cast wheel DR650SE kit)

"Perfect! Fabulous communication, very easy to deal with."
- elitephysique2008, Ebay sale (complete KTM spoked wheel kit)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the kit! It was great alternative to spending over three times the amount for the wire spoked setups. Handles well and stops even better!"
- Ross B., DRZ400 complete cast wheel kit

"I recently purchased a spoked Motard kit for my KTM, the kit is outstanding, with all parts arriving when they said they would, and in perfect condition. They make the bike look and handle like a million dollars, its the best fun you can have on two wheels. The gear is all high quality and i would be glad to do business with them again. Thankyou guys for helping me with the setup, im stoked!" Grant M., Central Coast NSW (complete KTM spoked wheel kit)

" wheels are great very happy" - crazydoh73, Ebay sale (complete KTM spoked wheel kit)

"The Husky kit is awesome, Great communications back and forth. I have recommended this website to all my mates with Husky’s... as there is nothing quite the same out there."
- Leonard W, Qld (Husqvarna TE450, complete cast wheel kit)

"A+++ highly recommended seller" - lawrenceg, Ebay sale (complete spoked KTM wheel kit)

"Purchased some gold 3 spoke rims of u last year for a klr 650, worked fantastic!"
- S. Stacey, complete KLR650 cast wheel kit

"Excellent product, communication and postage!!! Would highly recommend to anyone"
- danielpeacock, Ebay sale (complete KTM spoked wheel kit)

"Thanks mate spot on they look great on the bike"
- tellimesdreemin (complete KTM spoked wheel kit, Ebay sale)

"I got my motards on and I love it! It's a whole lot more fun. I just need to behave on the streets! Keep up the good work!!" - Patrick C., WR450F info pack

"highly recommended!" - trishl2006, Ebay sale (complete spoked KTM motard wheels)

"Fast delivery & good service" - marktracey123 (Ebay sale, 3-spoked KTM wheel kit)

"I recieved your info pack and it is better than i imagined! You guys came highly regarded from, sounds like you've made quite a name for yourselves."
- John B., Condobolin NSW, Australia (DRZ400 info pack)

"nice fast trans cheers" - 0408ultraearth, Ebay sale (complete KTM cast wheel kit)

"The bike is unreal. It grips up so well and is just an absolute blast. best thing i have ever done haha. Wheels are fine and its perfect like you said. i just dont wanna get off the bike.Thanks for all of your help again with the set up."
- Lachlan H., Samford, Qld, Australia (KTM spoked motard wheels - complete kit)

"Thanks for your help and research. Your info pack make it so easy."
- Patrick M., Sydney, Australia (WR450F info pack)

"Thanks for the help and great product!" - Matt P., NSW (KTM 520EXC info pack)

"The wheels have been great so far, it gives you a total different feel to the bike and is so easy to fit to the bike. I am totally happy with the wheels and have told many of my mates who have all had a go on my bike and love the change."
- Shannon C., Portland, Victoria, Australia (complete DRZ400 cast wheel kit)

"Great seller, awesome service and good all round guy thankyou"
- ilikegrapesmetallica (complete KTM spoked wheel kit, Ebay sale)

"I have finally completed the motard conversion to my DRZ400E and am very pleased with the result. I found your information kit to be informative, easy to read, well presented and set out. You have obviously invested a lot of time in researching this subject which at $50 represents a great investment (in time savings alone!)."
- Phil Y., Vic, Australia (DRZ400 info pack for cast wheels)

"Quick and easy - great!" - Juha K., Londonderry NSW (complete cast KTM wheel kit)

"A+++ highly recommended seller" - lawranceg (complete KTM spoked wheel kit, Ebay)

"Excellent product, communication and postage!!! Would highly recommend to anyone"
- Daniel P., Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia (complete KTM cast motard wheel kit)

"Great transaction easy to deal with and very helpfull A1 RATING"
- soldfornothing (complete WR450F cast wheel kit), Ebay sale

"I took the bike out this weekend for my first spin on the new wheels and it handles like a dream. Keep up the business - guys like me need your services!"
- Drew W., Seaforth NSW, Australia (complete DRZ400 cast wheel kit)

"Highly recommended!" - Liam H., Williamstown Vic, Australia (complete KTM cast wheels)

"All's good with the fitting. No issues riding, goes really well. Mono’s great, pulls stoppies, enjoy bootin around on it, can really throw it hard into a corner!! I think I would have lost my patience with trying to do my own kit, can just imagine stuffin around tryin to get things to work and then tryin to make do with misfits etc… so cheers for savin me a headache or two!: - Chris L., Melbourne, Australia (complete DRZ400 kit)

"Much easier to manouever. Smoother through the gears and very smooth on the overall ride and feel, a pleasure to ride compared to orig tyres. Sticks to road like glue, been turning alot of heads! Very impressed overall would recommend to anyone with klr 650." Andrew C., Kingswood, Sydney, Australia (complete KLR650 cast wheel kit)

"After a week of driving and drifting I have to say i like it more and more. It was really difficult at the beginning because the handling is much different. But now it's awesome!"
- Reiner S. (DRZ400 parts kit for cast wheels) Sydney, Australia

"Sent ultra fast, kit looks great, very detailed. Just wot the DRZ needs THANKS".
- John K., Toowoomba, Qld, Australia (DRZ400 cast wheel info pack)

"All good, great ebayer thanks" - lyn07h (complete KTM spoked wheel kit, Ebay sale)

"Excellent Communication, Fast delivery, Good easy way to motard your DRZ! Thanks".
- Chris C., Mulgrave Vic, Australia (complete DRZ400 cast wheel kit)

"Excellent!" - gregbmwbandit, Ebay sale (XT660 motard wheels)

"Great to deal with, very accurate in description, would use again".
- Shannon C., Portland Victoria (complete DRZ400 cast wheel kit)

 "Thanks, more detailed than expected! Immediate delivery!"
-Kevin T, Burgengary Qld Australia (DRZ400 cast wheel info pack)

"Everything was straight forward and everything was as you said it was. Thanks again for the kit and happy riding. Cheers".
- L.R. Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia (complete DRZ400 cast wheel kit)

"Good to talk to and helpful".
- Grant S., Melbourne Vic, Australia (complete WR450F cast wheel kit)

NOTE: feedback on the info packs has been consistently good, although mistakes, missing info or unclear terminology have been pointed out at times - corrections have been made in each case. To be full open, when we were doing complete motard kits a few years back there was the occasional complaint about small issues (e.g. paint scratched in transit) but all these were resolved to the buyer's satisfaction.



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