dr650 motard info pack & parts

PLEASE NOte: we no longer supply the laser cut parts!!!

The rise of cheap motard wheel sets and the increasing lack of Honda CBR wheels has led to virtually no orders for these laser cut parts, so unfortunately we no longer supply them.

However, you can right click and save the dxf file here to have your own disc adapter plate laser cut from 4mm mild steel plate if you take this plate to a laser cutting service. If you want to have a try and manufacturing your own adapter plates, you may need to work out a way to convert the dxf files into a more usable format for your purposes (dxf files are created for Autocad-style programs).


The do-it-yourself DR650SE motard for 1996 to current models. What is involved?
- Download the free info pack below
- Buy the Honda cast wheels with specified discs and sprocket
- Get the specified spacers machined
- Download the dxf file and take this to a laser cutter.

See our DR650SE wheel chart to decide on which info pack below suits you best. You must read and agree to our legal disclaimer here before any download of the free info packs or purchase of laser-cut parts.

Free download of the DR650SE three-spoked CBR250R wheels info pack here.
Free download of the DR650SE six-spoked CBR250RR wheels info pack here.

Please read our frequently asked questions, then the info pack, before emailing questions.

More information about the disc adapter is available here.


feedback on dr650 MOTARD WHEEL kits

"Thanks guys, I found the info pack very helpful and well detailed. This  made the job much easier and saved on costs. You have certainly done your homework. The information, pictures, and drawings offer pretty idiot-proof details and ensure a safe and effective modification. The end result is a bike that is fun to ride and certainly has improved the handling and cornering abilities out of sight. I can now happily go riding with my mates and can easily keep up with, and at times even beat, them through the windies. Most of my mates have bigger bikes and they are blown away by the cornering performance of my bike now.  Plenty of approving comments from other bikers too. It's been a pleasure dealing with you." - Martyn J,  Auckland, New Zealand (DR650SE info pack)

"Helpful. Awesome wheels. Thanks guys. You need these wheels!"
- Wayne H., Thornlands, Queensland (complete wheel kit DR650SE)

"I purchased the DR650 kit early this year. Finally had the time to finish the bike and it is awesome. The parts supplied were excellent as well as the instruction book". - Elton V., FNQ

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our impressions on the dr650se with motard wheels

Isn't the DR650 big, heavy, low-powered, has way too soft suspension, and just a farm bike for older farmers? So why bother motarding it? If you are after an ultra nimble performance bike then all these comments are true. But it overlooks the fact that the DR650SE has loads of low down grunt, is absolutely bullet-proof, requires minimal maintenance and its weight provides plenty of stability on the road.

We've done several thousand kilometres on the DR650SE the cast motard wheels now. It's not quite as easy to flip around in a tight series of corners compared to the KTM, DRZ400 or WR450F with the same wheels, but it definitely has a stability that is a real benefit for faster corners or cruising. Given comparable riders of intermediate skill, the DR650 will still flog the sports bike through a twisty road; we could consistently brake later, corner harder and accelerate out of corners earlier, which are all the hallmarks of the dirt bike with motard wheels. But the DR650 really comes into its own when you occasionally want to ride hard but spend a lot of time riding at a more moderate pace.

The DR650 suspension is definitely on the soft side. You'll get a nice floating Citroen-like ride when in cruise mode, but its shortcomings are revealed when you throw the DR650SE around in the twisties. At an absolute minimum you want to put all the suspension settings on the highest ones possible, then preload and put the heaviest fork oil possible in those forks. Check out our DR650SE suspension page for some basic mods.

With all its power down low, you wouldn't want to put spoked wheels with a non-cush drive hub on the DR650. The cast motard wheels fitted work well as the cush drive provides a smoother ride than the standard cush drive hub, so that big single can rev from very low for less gear changing in everyday riding.

In our book the DR650 is well worth considering as a motard option. You can still have a pile of fun on mountain roads, and while it might be a bit slower than other dirt bikes you'll still be cornering harder than the sports bikes, while reaping the benefits of its reliability, extra weight for stability, and low-down grunt for touring and everyday riding. Just email Suzuki and tell them to toughen up that suspension a little...