drz400 / KLX400 / klx650 motard info pack

PLEASE NOte: we no longer supply the laser cut parts!!!

The rise of cheap motard wheel sets and the increasing lack of Honda CBR wheels has led to virtually no orders for these laser cut parts, so unfortunately we no longer supply them.

However, you can right click and save the dxf file here to have your own disc adapter plate laser cut from 4mm mild steel plate if you take this plate to a laser cutting service. If you need the dxf file for the caliper adapter plate for the Suzuki or Yamaha conversions, right click and save the dxf file here and have this cut from 6mm mild steel plate. If you want to have a try and manufacturing your own adapter plates, you may need to work out a way to convert the dxf files into a more usable format for your purposes (dxf files are created for Autocad-style programs).

The good news? If you use the three-spoked CBR250R wheels and the 310mm front disc these come fitted with, you won't need the disc adapter, but only the caliper adapter plate and these are quite easy to make if a laser cutter is going to charge you a lot.


You must read and agree to our legal disclaimer here before any download of info packs. Note: a rider used our DRZ parts to successfully motard his KLX650R, check this page for the info pack he kindly supplied for use.

How easy is it to adapt these Honda cast wheels?
- Download the info pack
- Buy the specified Honda cast wheels, discs and sprocket
- Get the specified spacers machined
- Take the dxf file(s) to a laser cutting service.

Easy! Next, see our DRZ400 wheel chart to decide on which info pack below suits you best:
Free download of the DRZ400 three-spoked CBR250R wheels info pack here.
Free download of the DRZ400 six-spoked CBR250RR wheels info pack here.
Then read the info pack, or our frequently asked questions here, before emailing questions.


feedback on complete drz400 motard wheel kit

Total cost about $550 including new tyres (Pirrelli sport demons). Thanks for all your help. I have been swapping to & from to the Motard set up now for over a year now & it’s still fantastic! Just so much better to rip up the streets on ;)
- David W. (DRZ400 info pack)

"I just wanted to say thank you for the well written and comprehensive package that you have kindly allowed the world to have access to. Thanks also for the disk and calliper adapters. They fitted perfectly (I expected no less)... I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this project, had it not been for your kit." - Mark A., Queensland, Australia (DRZ400 info pack)

"Set up has been awesome from day one. We have done a few runs from Brisbane to Sydney and the bike sticks like shit to a blanket. It takes about 15 minutes to convert the bike back to trail wheels. One thing I did find with having the motard wheels was I was able to learn the bikes handling and power curve a lot faster.Most of my riding experience has come from years of road riding on super bikes and getting used to a choocky chaser in the bush was taking me a long time with lots of face plants from front wheel wash out. After flogging the ass off the DRZ400 on the road for a few months and then taking the bike in the bush I found the bike really easy to control and was able to use the bike to its full limit. Really happy with the kit and money well spent." Adam S., Brisbane, DRZ400 complete cast wheel kit

"I thoroughly enjoyed the kit! It was great alternative to spending heaps more for the wire spoked setups. Handles well and stops even better!"
- Ross B., DRZ400 complete cast wheel kit

"The wheels have been great so far, it gives you a total different feel to the bike and is so easy to fit to the bike. I am totally happy with the wheels and have told many of my mates who have all had a go on my bike and love the change."
- Shannon C. Portland, Victoria, Australia

"I received your info pack and it is better than i imagined! You guys came highly regarded from SupermotoAus.com, sounds like you've made quite a name for yourselves."
- John B., Condobolin NSW (DRZ400 info pack)

More feedback on the Contact Us page.


our impressions on the drz400 with motard wheels

We've clocked thousands of kilometres on the DRZ400 now with the cast motard wheels. At the very least it is a great entry level motard, and Suzuki obviously thought so when it brought out the popular DRZ400SM. The specs between the cast motard wheels and the DRZ400SM are extremely similar so the bikes handle in an almost identical fashion, the biggest difference is the cush drive hub provides a smoother ride, and in everyday riding you have a broader rev range to work with so less gear changes. The factory SM model also has a 240mm rear brake to the 220mm rear disc on the DRZ400E and DRZ400S.

Compared to the performance bikes like the KTM and WR450F, the DRZ400 is of course heavier and not as powerful. But short of actual motard racing, the extra weight works well - the DRZ400 is still very nimble in the tight corners but definitely feels more stable overall. On a twisty road the DRZ400 is in there with the KTM unless there are long straights where the extra power of the KTM will see it pulling away from the DRZ. Like any motard, the DRZ400 corners beautifully on the cast motard wheels until around 100kmh - then that steering geometry that works so well at lower speeds starts to make the bike feel twitchy.

Where the DRZ400 comes into its own is on maintenance. Unless you get excited about bike maintenance, fiddling around with the KTM's two oil filters, two oil screens and various drain plugs every few hundred kilometres can make you wonder if the extra horsepower is worth it (let alone regular engine rebuilds).

The DRZ400 is well known for being bullet proof and needing very little maintenance, parts and aftermarket accessories are cheap, the power of the DRZ400E is respectable once the bike is derestricted, and there are plenty of aftermarket goodies to coax more horsepower out of the DRZ engine without wrecking its reliability.

Like any dirt bike, the DRZ400 seat isn't very comfortable for all day riding. We repacked ours with medium density foam which made a big difference.

Not sure if motarding the DRZ400 is for you? Get down to your Suzuki dealer and see if you can get a test ride on the DRZ400SM, which will give a very accurate impression of how these cast motard wheels will handle. If you are buying a DRZ, remember the DRZ400E is definitely more powerful than the DRZ400S. It has a flat slide carburettor, higher compression, tweaked valves and cams, wider less restricted exhaust pipe and header pipe, and it's usually a bit cheaper. Plus you can do the free 3x3 mods for extra performance. For our money it's harder to get a better all round motard bike than the DRZ400!