dr650se suspension mods

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rm250 front forks on the dr650se

Apparently a set of 1987 or 1988 RM250 forks have the same 43mm diameter as the DR650SE (the RM125 of the same years have the same diameter but may have softer springs and/or damping).
When fitting, the RM forks are about 3" longer at the axle, and the overhang for the cartridge made the overall about 6" longer. The DR650 axle is a perfect fit.

The mount for the brake caliper is totally different, so try using a piece of 3/8" steel flat stock and cut it to 165x50mm. Use a drawing caliper to measure center to center holes on the RM forks and drill holes to match.

Mount up the wheel and clamp the brake caliper in place on the disc so that it sits exactly where it used to sit. Hold it in place using a rubber band around the brake lever. Measure the distance from the bottom hole of the fork tube to the bottom hole of the caliper and drill it so it is level across from the fork hole.

Measure the top hole of the fork to the top hole in the caliper and then the distance from the bottom to the top hole in the caliper. Using the drawing caliper, draw an arc for each and an opposing arc to make an x for the new mount holes.

Using a small cutoff wheel, approximate the shape of the new bracket by holding it up to the fork and see what has to be removed. finish it up on the grinder and it should perfectly. The bracket as mounted will 8mm too far outboard to sit against the brake caliper so i use washers or nuts to act as spacers.

drz400 front forks on the dr650se

The DRZ400 triple clamps bolt straight into the DR 650 frame. This allows you to use the forks 49mm, axel, front wheel, disc rotor and headlight mounts from the DRZ, basically the whole front end. You use the DR650's headlight, brake caliper, and speedo, these all bolt on. There is a little tweeking but you will work them out with little difficulty, if your willing it is not hard, compared to the benefits in handling. A DRZ shock will fit but the bottom mount has to be modified.

other 43mm forks on the dr650se?

This is an unconfirmed list of other bikes that have 43mm forks:
Honda XR600 43mm
Honda CBR1100XX 97-02 43mm
Honda CBR600F4/F4I 99-04 43mm
Honda RC30 88-90 43mm
Honda RC30 VFR750R 43mm
Kawasaki ZX11 90-97 43mm
Suzuki RF600/900 94-96 43mm
SuzukiGSXR750/1100 88-90 43mm
Yamaha FZR1000 89-90 43mm
Yamaha YZF R6 99-04 43mm.


The DRZ400

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