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PLEASE NOte: we no longer supply the laser cut parts!!!

The rise of cheap motard wheel sets and the increasing lack of Honda CBR wheels has led to virtually no orders for these laser cut parts, so unfortunately we no longer supply them.

However, you can right click and save the dxf file here to have your own disc adapter plate laser cut from 4mm mild steel plate if you take this plate to a laser cutting service. If you need the dxf file for the caliper adapter plate for the Suzuki or Yamaha conversions, right click and save the dxf file here and have this cut from 6mm mild steel plate. If you want to have a try and manufacturing your own adapter plates, you may need to work out a way to convert the dxf files into a more usable format for your purposes (dxf files are created for Autocad-style programs).

The good news? If you use the three-spoked CBR250R wheels and the 310mm front disc these come fitted with, you won't need the disc adapter, but only the caliper adapter plate and these are quite easy to make if a laser cutter is going to charge you a lot.


How easy is it to adapt these Honda cast wheels to motard your WR or YZ?:
- Download the free info pack
- Buy the specified Honda cast wheels, discs and sprocket
- Machine the specified spacers
- Take the dxf files to a laser cutter for a quote.

Easy! Next, see our WR450F motard wheel chart to choose your wheels, then pick:
Free download of the WR450F three-spoked CBR250R wheels info pack here.
Free download of the WR450F six-spoked CBR250RR wheels info pack here.

Please thoroughly read the info pack, and our frequently asked questions here before emailing questions. Click here for a vid of the wheels in action (thanks to Jonathan W. for this vid).


feedback on wr450f info pack

"Thanks for your help and research. Your info pack make it so easy."
- Patrick M., Sydney, Australia (WR450F info pack)

"I got my motards on and I love it! It's a whole lot more fun. I just need to behave on the streets! Keep up the good work!!" - Patrick C., WR450F info pack

More feedback on the Contact Us page.

our impressions on the wr450f with cast motard wheels

These cast motard wheel kits were developed on a WR450F 2006 model. There is a lot of debate about the WR gearbox and whether it copes well with road use - you can research that on the bike forums but we definitely found the cush drive hub provides a much smoother ride on the road. Chain snatch is eliminated at all but the lowest revs, and the typically jerky nature of its power delivery and engine braking was minimised.

In terms of handling, the WR450F felt very similar to our KTM 525EXC with the cast motard wheels on, with the light weight, gobs of power and great handling make for an unbeatable supermotard conversion. The bike comes into its own in series of tight corners, as it can be thrown around with steering changes made easily even in the middle of corners. Except for the absolute top riders, the motard with always cane a sports bike through twisty roads if you put riders of similar abilities on each bike.

The WR450F is definitely a performance bike, and if you aren't an experience rider it would be advisable to start on a softer option like the DRZ400. Motards are very confidence inspiring, and it would be all too easy to get into trouble coming into corners too quickly.

The specs on the three-spoked and six-spoked cast motard wheels are almost identical, so there was no difference in the way the WR450 handled with either set of wheels. The 310mm front disc provides plenty of stopping power even with the standard caliper; this can easily be upgraded as the four piston Nissen caliper on most Japanese sports bikes will be a straight fit in most cases. Less aggressive riders will find even the standard WR 250mm front disc provides plenty of braking, so there is the option of using that for faster change over times with your wheels as you won't have to bolt the caliper adapter on.